Painting Frame psd mockup

Have a design or painting you made? Showcase your design or painting with this painting frame psd mockup to give a professional look to your work.

Photo of your family or friend? Just add it to this mockup and get a clean look on the photos.

Have a different wall or background? Just place your background behind the painting in this mockup.

The painting frame psd mockup comes with features of movable frames, scalable frames, enable/disable reflection or shadow (not advised), different background walls, add your own backgrounds.

Additional information

Packs and Single Products



  • 1920*1080 Resolution
  • PSD file
  • 160 MB file (Pack size)
  • Movable/Scalable Frames
  • Background Color change option
  • Painting/Image Change Option
  • Frame Color change option (not for wood texture)
  • Gradient background available
  • Add your own background behind frames
  • Enable/Disable Reflection or shadow (not advised)

Change blend modes of labels/images if needed.


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