Black Wine bottle psd mockup

Do you want to show your designs to your client?  If yes, then this mockup does the perfect job for you. Mockup helps your client to see how the design will look on the product. Thus increasing the chances of your order.

Do you want to promote your product without taking images? Then just download this mockup and you can add your design in a few steps and you’re ready to promote your product. Increase your sales today.

The design looks good on image files but will it look good on the actual product? Test your designs you made or got from a designer and see how your actual product will look.

Black Wine bottle PSD mockup comes with customization options which includes image changing option, Cap and neck color change option.  The files are created using photoshop and it’s easy to use with the help of smart object. To change the design just double click on the smart layer (most mockups smart object are marked with red) and then just paste your design on the newly opened window and click save. Now if you go back to your first layers the design will be applied successfully and gives you the realistic look of how your design looks on the product.

Additional information

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  • 1280*768 Resolution
  • PSD file
  • Cap and neck color changeable by Hue/Saturation
  • Use ctrl+U (Hue/Saturation) and tick colorize to change colors
  • Image Change Option

Change blend modes of labels/images if needed.


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